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Thursday, 8 April 2010

Lucky Me

Some times your birthday seems to go on forever and this is one such year.
With my Friday Friends we will be celebrating  this Friday not only mine but also Sheryl's  who has her  birthday next week...... mean while

This is my collection from my Fat Quarter Birthday swap friends
Talk about a beautiful collection I was so lucky...
The fabrics are such a lovely blend of colours that I may save them and actually make something  using them all together .... may be a bag ( that has just come to mind)
Thank you everyone

Included in one parcel was a packet of Dove chocolate caramels made by Mar's ...whee !! they are to die for, soooo soooo smooth and to a chocoholic a perfect gift. ( we can't buy them here in NZ... shame!)
Also included in my birthday parcel from one swap partner was another  packet of fat quarters I must quote to you what she wrote on her note..... this is so neat.....
"The bundle tied with a ribbon is from my stash. I am determined to reduce it one way or the other!"
Now is this not a good way to reduce your stash,  can you not imagine bundles of fat quarters winging their way around the world ....
Thank you ....They were just my sort of colours love them all, by the way my fat quarter stash will not be reduced I just love to tidy and  look at them ( when I have time) and some times I dare to use them.

Talking of time

Talking of time I really must go on a  retirement time management course since I have been back in NZ, I just don't seem to be able to get myself into a proper time table ...yes! I am doing every thing that has to be done ...hopefully on the right day.... but the days with no fixed programme I seem to be able to lose hours and have nothing productive to show for it... guess this is called retirement ... I am finding this difficult to cope with as I have always been an organised person in the former life. I guess the brain is having problems dealing with so much free time, nothing has to be done in a rush anymore.... and it seems the more time I have the less gets done ...anyone else had this problem ?


Ann said...

Glad I'm not the only one not trying to get rid of my stash!

Can't give you any advice about time management during retirement but I decide on one main job per day and anything else I do is because that's what I feel like at the time.

I enjoyed your posting about the Lilliput Lane cottages, I've got a few, I don't get them anymore because I think their style changed and they don't look so realistic anymore.

Jennifer said...

Like you, I am not finding time management in retirement easy.....we are moving house in a few weeks, and haven't even started packing! Can't offer any hints other than to decide what you really want to get done, and make it a priority. Other things can wait their turn.

Unknown said...

hello Laurie...just catching up on blogs and glad to see you had recieved all your fabric from the fat 1/4 club for your birthday...could you Please email me with your correct email addy.