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Saturday, 17 April 2010

Jane Austin ... read them over and over .... who me Oh yes !!

I went to the library today... there I met a friend and she was holding 2 of Jane Austin novels...We began to discuss them and talk about our great love of this author....
May be you did not know but my favorite author is  Jane Austin.... I know every story by chapter and verse.
The best thing that was ever filmed by the BBC ( UK) was Pride and Prejudice (1995 TV serial)  I have the complete serial on DVD and it is probably my most treasured DVD and also may be the most I have ever paid for one also.  But I have watched and watched it more times than I can count .. if ever a DVD can wear out these ones must be on their last legs almost.

Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle
They played ...... Mr Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett
Who could not watch this lovely man over and over again, I have never gone Ga Ga over a film star before but I could drop every thing for this one.  I am probably old enough to be his mother but who cares.
I have to say that P&P is way up there with   Sense and Sensibility the 1995 British drama film with the screenplay by Emma Thompson 

With not so far behind is my favorite Little Women  ( Louisa May Alcott) filmed in 1949

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Jenny said...

I'm with you Laurie, Colin is such a gorgeous man. I really loved that version of P & P, didn't care for the later one at all.