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Monday, 19 April 2010

Punto Antico and the weekend

I was very organised this weekend, I was determined to not waffle my way through 2 days with almost nothing constructive to show for it ...all down to my time management push.
So after the normal things of life to keep body and soul together, I got out my stitching and managed to do quite a fair bit of my Punto Antico, and also a few leaves of my applique class project although this is not going quite so fast as I would like.

I also had planned to finish a project that I started at Guild on Wednesday, a class more of construction than stitching it is a Celtic Pin cushion holder or keep. I would love to show you a picture but there is not one of a finished article so here is mine,  just have to sew gold braid around the this space.

It sort of ends up like this

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Cindy Brown said...

Laurie, your Punto Antico is looking great! I am very interested in this technique and would like to learn more. It looks very much like hardanger.