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Monday, 26 April 2010

Monday already

I had great plans for the weekend... shame they did not pan out as expected.
I was determined to do some stitching on Saturday, to be fair I did manage a little of the Punto Antico this is an update picture...
So it is just about 2/3rds done will keep bigger picture for the final showing which I hope wil be just a few days away.
So what went wrong over the weekend ...well nothing went wrong just that the things planned seemed to not happen... Firstly instead of working at home Saturday .....I met Mhairi in town to do some shopping at Spotlight and we finally came away buying just a ball of wool for her... I have a birthday gift voucher and  there really was not anything I was in desperate need of,  so will hang on to it a bit longer.
From Spotlight we decided to have lunch and a walk around the fashion shops  and that was just what we did we walked around and saw nothing that "grabbed us " so bought nothing. Oh! we did pay for the Rosalie and Leanne retreat weekend in Taupo in July... that left a hole in the bank balance, but I am really looking forward to it.
We did find that a fabric shop in Rotorua that has started to stock some lovely patchwork fabrics and that they are to be getting a lot more stock in soon. Oh dear, I tell a fib I did buy some calico and  a couple of 1/2 mters of fabric, I just remembered that.
I had planned laundry and housework and some stitching for Saturday... but never mind the day was lovely just wandering.  I did manage a little stitching later in the evening on the Punto Antico

Sunday dawned a beautiful day and I decided to get out into the garden.. no such luck just as I had collected the shed key .. a friend called to say she was going to the Anzac Day service at church did I want to go and then lunch.. so off I went again, more food and it was a lovely service.
I returned home and went into the garden at about 1.30pm only to find that the house martins were back and had been roosting on my bedroom window frame
and that the deck was covered in bird poop...
I had trouble with them nesting last year.

so off I went to the local hardware shop and got some bird netting and tried to put it up to deter the martins ... you can see where they nested last year I have just removed the nest and need to clean the site.... but deterring them is more urgent,
 so I now have green and white net all over the house around the new deck area...... But will you believe it !  they managed to find a small dip in the net and balanced on it to roost last night, so it is back to the drawing board it may have to be net from roof to floor...
my son came and assisted me but he will have to come back and see if we can redesign the project.
Or if there is anyone with a fool proof method of deterring the little pests.
I would be pleased to hear from you
As you can guess no gardening was achived at all.
And now it is Monday already.

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