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Friday, 30 April 2010

Bargain of the week

Life has been a little hectic this week...but I have done numerous things in so many different places.
One of them...
As many will know I have a camper van equipped with all mod cons and any thing that your heart desires when you are away.... one of these items was a CD, Cassette player and radio a most used item, for when I travel I aways take along "Talking Books" from the library.. (these by the way are great if you stitch a lot and wish you had time to read also, you stitch and someone reads to you..fantastic.)
So here is the item now 6 yrs old and cost all of $30 at the Warehouse

... finally this week it packed up no longer playing the CDs... I thought well it owes me nothing so I took off to the Warehouse to buy another.
Of course 6 yrs on they no longer have a tape deck ... "Oh! bother and *!^!!"  I said quietly to myself.

So on searching not believing this is so,  I finally came across one, just the one no box or wrappings also no price tag...on requesting the price I was told $89.99, well I thought inflation and all that , as I was asking where I could find the items on the shelves the assistant informed me this is the last one in the store ...  I debated a awhile for I was convinced I could get a cheaper one around $50 but no tape deck ... now did I really need the deck or could I manage without ... after a moment or two the assistant informed me this one was on clearance " Oh! how much?"   $24.99 was the reply, so here is the bargain of the week.

There is nothing like the feeling that you have just got yourself a bargain... cheaper than you paid for it 6 yrs before....


Ali Honey said...

Good shopping there Laurie. I hope you get lots of pleasure out of it.
Busy times here too. Family coming for hte night tomorrow and kiwifruit picking sometime next week and retreat next Friday and weekend.Phew. (I am so hoping the picking doesn't cancel out retreat - I've asked for it not to be next weekend - but they don't always remember. )

Ann said...

There's nothing as satisfying as a good bargain!