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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Hard going with the Applique

Update on the applique, this does not make good reading.

I have finally stitched on all the stems to my applique, just started the leaves and flowers it is not that I am having trouble, it is just time that has been the main factor, each time I try to spend time .... other life things get in the way, it is also difficult to work on in an evening as it is on black.  Most things are cut and papered ready to go, these I have managed to do in the evenings, so you never know this week may see a few attached ... So my best laid plans of working on it three times a week went straight out the window ......I have to go to the class this evening,  I will have to be cap in hand and I am sure everyone else will come along with theirs half finished.
Mind there is nothing to say you have to have a finished project at the end of the four months...Oh my goodness already 3 months  and this is all I have to show for it.
So may be instead of fiddling with this infernal machine I should be stitching.

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