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Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Sunny Day in May

Today is one of those glorious Autumn days, the sun is bright but not a lot of warmth in it, the garden is beginning to look a little sad but dotted around are still some lovely flowers ... which the first real frost will see off... so far we have not had any frosts but they will start in the next  few weeks.  Although we do not have snow or real bad winter weather here in Rotorua we do have morning frosts normally for about a month around June and July, even then not many, but it is enough to see off the remaining summer flowers... then we look forward to the Camilla's, chrysanthemums and Polyanthus.

I managed yesterday with the help of Keith my neighbour who did the hard graft, to organise the garden on the end of the new deck extension so there is now  a Rhododendron and a Jasmin plus a re-sited Azalea all planted.... as soon as the garden settles I will weed mat it and put down some gravel to discourage the weeds.

Here are some of the lovely flowers still blooming at the moment in my garden.

This Heather which is almost a bush was in the garden when we bought the house it is always lovely at this time of year
Quite a few Hydrangeas are still in flower

Chrysanthemums are doing well
A few Cyclamens that were left in the pots last year I clumped altogether in a pot 

Dahlias that will sadly finish when the frosts arrive

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