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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Charity Quilting Day... Rainbow Quilters

Photo is of some of last years Quilts
Tomorrow is our first Charity Quilt sewing day, we all get together for the day and stitch  our charity quilts ....  these  are passed to long term sick children at our local hospital, we normally have about 25 or so to pass on by this time next year..
We try to make a varied selection so that they can be for boys or girls and younger ones and older .
All the fabric is donated and people are so generous.

On the "on line"  quilting group that I belong to.. someone was looking to pass on some unfinished children's quilt tops,  I sent off a request for them and she was kind enough to donate them to us.
We get fabric from people who are no longer quilting and from elderly ladies who can no longer stitch due to failing eye sight.
Fabric also comes via people who are clearing up a relatives house after a bereavement, it is so good to make use of this fabric and lovely to feel we are making good use of it. Rather than it get rubbished and not used.

We have also chosen our Raffle Quilt Pattern to make for our Quilt Show next year, it will be the Oregan Trail........
In Blues and Whites much like this one.

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