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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Okay enough Rain ...thank you

Okay, thank you we have had enough rain for this last week or two, may be we can order some more for a week or two's time.

Every where is in flood, the garden is about 2inches deep all over and everything is soaking wet and covered in wet soggy leaves. But there is a little sunshine in the way of flowers, this Camilia was planted at least 4 yrs ago and I spoke to it in the summer and said " This is it your last chance you flower this season or you are on your way and will be replaced "  It heard me and is covered in buds and this is the first beautiful flower, it is still looking sad needs another  feed obviously. 
I don't think it likes it's feet in  so much water.

And a few more from my garden and the neighbours hanging over our fence, can I  almost claim them as mine.


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