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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

You may smile at my expense

Needle case and Pin keeper pattern from Inspirations Magazine Australia
I think I stitched it in about 2002/3
This pin keeper and needle case has nothing to do with this post
it just put me in a better mood to look at it than the following post

I have had a not so successful morning.
Got out of bed fairly early,  lot to do this morning, firstly the milk did not smell to good ... oh! well never mind I can drink black tea.  The cat had left a gift of a dead and dissected mouse on the  door mat.
Mean while it is chucking it down with rain and it is bin day so got wet while dealing with that,  had to be done now as it is collected at 8am,  no waiting for rain to subside.   Finally ready to go out...
Had a list... to do as follows:
Blood test
Hair cut
MOT / WOF on camper van ( depends where you live in the world on this one )
Collect chain of office from engravers for Rotary
Return a pair of trousers to shop, exchange for others
Return emery boards to body shop.
One would have thought nothing to onerous there an hour or so will see this done. ...Yeah!!!!

Firstly at 9am I left the house in the car, yes! the car got half way to MOT/WOF  and realised I was driving the car not the van so had to turned back to collect the latter..
all  went well MOT  /WOF was OK nothing needed doing..whee!!

Drove to centre of town parked at one end of town and decided I could walk to the blood test and also engravers both almost side by side at other end of shopping area ...  felt good walk was good for me and the rain had eased,  engravers had not finished the job, could I call back in about hour or a little more no problem will do,  plenty other things to do on list,  I will be back.

I walked almost next door to the Blood Lab gave in sheet and sat down for approx 15 mins ( was busy today) no worries had a good magazine was quite engrossed when I was called.
In room proceeded to remove my jacket phlebotomist was reading the request from GP,  " you have been fasting " she said. ***!!** said I , and put jacket back on, I said  "good bye be back tomorrow"  GP had forgotten to tell me I needed to have been fasting for this test.
Went along to Body Shop to return emery boards that were useless and flaking apart and that was before I had used them,   "no problem we will change them " says the lady in the shop ..... I get out the receipt and then pictured the boards sat on the vanity in the bathroom at home ... after feeling like a right ninny I left the shop.
I proceeded to the shop to return the trousers to Caroline Eve a large chain here in NZ ......where upon the shop lady put up a real fight about taking them back ...  labels still on etc etc what was the problem ?   I just wanted to exchange them for another pair in different style that were even more expensive.
Obviously got the sales lady on the wrong day may be PMT or something, well!  I stuck my ground and finally she agreed to exchange them which is the shops policy any how

From there I went have hair I am really pleased to be able to say this went with no hitch at all. I finally feel human again lots of hair is not a good look on me.
I was driving home not to far along the road but far enough to be out of town and realised I had not been back to engravers so turned the van around and went back for the chain...!!!

Oh! by the way did remember to buy some more milk  ...  Oh! for a nice cup of tea.
Think I will stay safely at home this afternoon.
Some days it has got to be far better to stay at home even in bed!! ... and don't bother to get up !!
You know today was one of those days right from the word go..


Bee Jay said...

Hi Laurie
I had a good chuckle reading about your 'day gone wrong' or was that half a day? At least you have the rest of the afternoon to put your feet up with a good hot strong(ish) cuppa!

By Hoki Quilts said...

On the upside - the embroidery is lovely, LOL. And you got a warrant plus the haircut went well and I'm guessing you are the type of lady (I got that from the symbols %$#^ rather than the word!) who can have a good chuckle at yourself later on.
Cheer up chook, tomorrow is another day.
symathetic hugs

Ali Honey said...

Remember no breakfast tomorrow. Write yourself a note and put it by the milk or maybe several notes, in several places.
I am sure tomorrow will be better!

Ann said...

You certainly had 'one of those days' Laurie!!! But you are not alone LOL.