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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Mobile Phone

I realised a few days ago that my mobile phone is more often silent that the non stop ringing it used to do.  Has the use of mobiles changed or is it just mine. I did realise thinking on it that I have been using the land line more as this is free for local calls.
This was all bought about because my mobile went yesterday and would you believe it was Vodafone sending me my bill, I thought how sad the only call for ages is the providing company sending you their bill
I began to think about my mobile use....
The first change of course is it is now an offence in NZ to use a mobile while driving a vehicle, this seems to have cut down my use as well, as I was one of the people who used the phone in the car mainly on an ear phone I have to say.

I have checked and I have made 4 calls and sent 3 texts in the last month...
I have an account where I get a "Best Buddy"  for $5 a month I can call a dedicated number on the same  provider as myself non stop for 24 hours a day, so Kathryn in Hamilton is the one, as all calls by land line are national calls which cost  big time.
The rest is not exactly extensive use, the calls I made were all to other providers and each cost me  to connect to those numbers besides the monthly account fee I already pay  for 60 minutes of calls ....... so unless I am  calling someone on the same provider I pay extra to connect.

 I remembered then ...  what I looked at may be a year  or so ago was voice messages.
I realised I was paying 17cents to pick up the messages mainly from people that I did not need to hear from .... companies that call you to tell you they have a sale on.  I managed to stop this by putting on a personal message   " that I do not check this mailbox so please do not leave a message" it worked and I never get voice messages now.
I have also stopped giving out my mobile number to companies, they think it is quite odd ..but I tell them they do not need to have it they have my land line,  leave me a message on that if you want to tell me any thing. 
So has your mobile use changed........ or  have we all woken up to the cost of using this amazing piece of technology.
I have no thoughts of getting shot of the mobile as the reason I had it some 15 yrs past was for emergencies away from home... and it has had it's uses in that area over the years... But sometimes things start you thinking ...... "are we  just lining the pockets of these technology companies..? "


boysmum2 said...

I don't give company's my mobile either, same reason, can't see the point when they have your house number and can leave a message

Ali Honey said...

Yes, I think I can continue to live without one.
When I left working for Zespri, I gave my mobile back and have never felt the need to own one again. I concede that in emergencies one would be useful, but that is not reason enough to get one.

Isabella said...

What a great idea to put on your voice message I'm just going to do mine NOW.