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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sunday Already

Today is Mothers day here in the Southern hemisphere and this is Google's heading for today, I just love the way they change their heading to suit the day, well done Google.

I had such plans for this week, most of them came to fruition some went by the way to be looked at, at a later date.
I did manage to do something  to my applique, not a lot but some is better than nothing. I finished a couple of outstanding jobs in the house, and what a satisfying feeling that gives you, now I just need to get around to the windows, wash a few net curtains,clean the outside of house removing all the cobwebs and trout flies that have gotten caught in them over the summer, this is one of the downfalls of living by a lake of course... but one I can live with.
 You can spray the house that deters the spiders etc. I do do this but they are persistent little !!**^ er's  and I believe they are beginning to be immune to the stuff.

We had our first frost this week, it was a bit early but not to much damage the Dahlia's did not survive it so they are now ready to cut down, and it seems to have made the leaves fall so we are knee deep in leaves every where and no wind to take them away.

I managed to finish a couple of small projects on the stitching front, this was a band of linen that someone was passing on to a good home and I could just see it in my minds eye as something... it did not end up as the item I had first thought about ...but became this "Pin Keeper" for the uninitiated a pin keeper is a flat pin cushion place the pins in along the edge that is formed by having a back and a front joined together thus a place for the pins to sit in.

Also this small pin cushion that has been hanging around for years, it was a small kit that was already started from a donation,  some times people pass on things to me when they know my hobby and say
" this stuff is from my relative that has died we don't want to throw it away can you use it ?"
I love finishing things from this source, I wonder if the original
owner knows some how that it has been finished.

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Catsngrams said...

Lovely pin cushions. We are still waiting for spring to spring here in Utah. It has been windy all week. It was suppose to be 69-70 here today but I think the weather man was asleep when he gave that forcast. Have a wonderful Mother's day.