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Friday, 4 June 2010

Getting Old

No I am not old, just the body is beginning to crack up a little but I am determined that I will not let it effect what I do  if I can help it.  I have the normal Arthritis in the hands and a little in the neck .... but over the last year or two after a couple of bangs on the leg I have developed Bursitis in the right thigh..ouch!!
Been there and done that with the injections and yes !! oh yes! they do help but I don't want to become dependent on them, firstly they are not good for the rest of the body and I hate taking or having drugs.

So I started Aqua jogging, which is really good exercise, but our local swimming pool where they run the exercise classes have decided to reduce the temperature of the water... why!  because it suits the swim club to have it cooler. This is making  aqua jogging quite uncomfortable as your shoulders are out of the water best part of the time and I develop cramp in the feet due to the cold. So stopped going.

This week at the Dr's I picked up a Arthritis leaflet advertising aqua exercise classes in a WARM pool at the Spa Hot Pools 3 times a week.... they guarantee WARM water... so I am off for my first class lunch time today... I can already feel that lovely warm water lapping around my body, I am going to enjoy this.

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