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Friday, 4 June 2010

Winter and nice thoughts of holidays

South Island snow
I have been thinking about the winter.
Of course coming from the northern hemisphere, winter here in NZ is nothing like what winter really is... so I find it not to bad here.
But I have not seen snow now for 10 years... What with being in Dubai for 3 yrs, the last type of holiday I need is sun, sand and swimming pools
So I have been thinking ??

Lake Tekapo

So what have I been thinking you ask....
I have decided I will go on a Winter trip to South Island in the camper van...what a silly idea you may think as the South Island has cold, cold winds and snow and rain.  I know that is what I want to experience again.    So the plans are in progress ... may be I will make it around September / October so the winter is still there but Spring is not far behind.
The van is completely equipped with every thing one needs and a very good heater plus my electric blanket I should be quite snug.  I have so many on line friends I should be able to drop into for tea and bun... and a warm by their fires.  I am also looking forward to all the Patchwork and Quilting shops on the way around the Island.

I am beginning to get quite excited about it.
So if you are on the South Island and would like me to drop in on you please let me know where you are so I can add you to my  tour visiting list... may be you will have a patchwork meeting or embroidery meeting I can attend I would just love that.

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Dee Soden said...

What a wonderful idea for a holiday. I love the South Island! I really enjoyed showing my Aussie husband what real mountains are when we did a 3 week campervan trip around the Sth Is in 2008.
I would do it all again!

have a good time and mind that ice on the roads.