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Monday, 14 June 2010

The World Cup

Having been in New Zealand now for almost 10 years ( yes!! whee time flies) well with a little coming and going in there....but not any more home to stay now.

I really can say I have not really missed anything from Europe or any other country we have lived in...BUT !!
This week I realise I have missed something : SOCCER

I am not that certain that I watched much of it before but guess because it was all around me I just took it for granted... With a Husband who was a class 1 referee and a son who was also a referee the talk at home obviously was soccer.
Till this week and the coverage of the World Cup, I now realise that I haved missed it.

I never ever thought I would get excited about football on the TV, but, yes I am, I have even bought a TV guide so I know the timings of the matches and broadcasts.
So if I am missing for awhile just look for me in front of the TV...



Dee Soden said...

haven't heard anything of the All Whites.
How are they going????

Bee Jay said...

The AW did well last night Laurie! (better than the Ozzies eh?) Go Kiwi's

boysmum2 said...

Only now that I have 2 boys do I realise how much sport was discussed and watched in our house, and yes like you, I realise that I miss it, with the wizzing of cars racing round a track to soccer, cricket, rugby etc I still don't get to see much but when it is on I love it