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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Go the Kiwi's

I am sure you don't need me to tell you the score with 23 seconds to go... Oh! oh well I will
We drew 1 - 1 a world record for New Zealand a first time ever score in the world Cup
As a reporter in the Telgraph said today the all whites next game is Italy......
"New Zealand can say 'right, let's go out and keep our shape. Let's look to deny them time and space, let's try to get our free kicks and corners better than they were against Slovakia. Let's try and keep the ball a little bit longer and not give it away in dangerous areas'.

"If we do that, the longer the game goes on and Italy can't score, they're going to get very stressed out. Who knows what can happen then, that's when players start to make mistakes.
"And everybody's on one point so we could still lose the next game and qualify. It could come down to goal difference, there are quite a few groups that have started like that."

Go the Kiwi's

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