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Thursday, 17 June 2010

An apple a day keeps the Dr. away

Okay! I have had a head cold now for about 10 days now and  have had enough of it, I stayed in bed first couple of days ...just like you should  and thought that should deal with it ... But no way!! every 3 days it comes back with vengeance, . I can taste nothing and my head is fit to leave home, the brain is not working  on full power.
I have tried all the remedies people keep giving me, the best one so far was a "hot toddy" twice a day, at least that one was pleasant to drink.
I even read yesterday that hot chocolate is no good as it helps the mucus to develop due to the dairy in it ... shame I always head for hot chocolate when I am sickly.... you know comfort food.
So I have swallowed things, sniffed things and drunk things ... all to no avail...

"Okay I have had enough of this now,  it is beyond a joke anymore"
So if you have a family remedy,  I am open to all suggestions, willing to try anything.


Ann said...

I slice a lemon and soak it in hot water, then drink when it is cool enough. But - sometimes there is the sort of cold that keeps coming back so take it easy and don't overdo it. I've been taking a vitamin B (all the B vitamins are in it) tablet each day for the last ten months and so far haven't had a cold. (Bound to get one now I've said that!)

Thanks for the pincushion idea, my ladies loved it, it took them two hours to make it, plus three cups of tea and a slice of cake, so it was perfect timing.

Nicky said...

Hi Laurie - sorry I don't have anything to help your cold - just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the ideas about my use of Weaveline on my stitchery. This is the only one I have used it on, so not too much to redo thank goodness. Hope you are feeling better now, have a wonderful weekend, Nicky.

Bee Jay said...

Oh Laurie you poor dear! How awful that you can't move that cold - how about a good rub with old faithful Vicks vaporub? I can't stand the feel of it on my chest but DH swears by it! I love the smell though

Ali Honey said...

Sorry to hear you are poorly and out of sorts. Get well really soon!

Wasn't the soccer result great! - we stayed up and watched it and the Magic netball who also won.

Keep warm. Keep sewing.