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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Inner Wheel NZ

Inner Wheel is the club formed by wives of Rotarian's, it is a group world wide who meet for fellowship and fun and personal service.
I belong to Rotorua Branch of district NZ293,
while belonging to the Rotorua group I have held different offices on the committee, among them Secretary and Vice President and of course this led to President twice,
I am now just an ordinary member of the committee.
Today was our district AGM as you can see it covers a large area of the North Island.
I went along with 7 members of our club.... while the AGM  was in process the District Committee let it be-known they needed an Editor for the newsletter...after some gentle persuasion, I seem to have landed the job, and I thought all the people on my table were my friends.
I really don't mind it is not an onerous job, and I am quite happy using publisher on the computer.

Inner Wheel Red Rose Badge


By Hoki Quilts said...

Good on you Laurie for taking the job on. You have a way with words and definately know you way around a computer, a very apr position I'd say.
keep dry and warm

Bee Jay said...

It's a very pretty badge Laurie - and hey - what the heck, you don't have that much else on do you? LOL