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Monday, 21 June 2010

White Hot Hero's

New Zealand achieve the greatest result in their history by holding
 defending World Cup champions Italy to a 1-1 draw.
New Zealand can dare to dream.
With a fantastic 1 - 1 draw with the World Cup 2006 winners Italy really upsetting them.
Who would have thought or imagined that they were capable to go even this far.
Little, old New Zealand with just 25 professional footballers - Italy has 3541.
A country which had played just four World Cup matches before this morning drew with one which has won four World Cup titles. Crazy YES!!.

Regardless, it stunned the healthy crowd at the impressive Mbombela Stadium and for a second - maybe four - New Zealand fans could be heard over the drone of the vuvuzelas.
It just spurred Italy into action. They were wounded.
They don't lose to teams ranked 73 places behind them.


Bee Jay said...

Yes - Huge Laurie! Congrats to the All Whites. hope they go far. Don't think I mentioned to you before after living o/s in the 70's we returned to NZ to live in Rotorua - McDowell St in Springfield! It was a crushing blow to this Kiwi who had been living in the 'big smoke' for 6 years but when DH's head office moved back to Auckland and we had to go also I was so sad. Loved my year looking down on the golf course - earthquakes and all!

Ali Honey said...

Absolutely fantastic. # 3 Tony Lochead comes from Te Puna. I know his Mum and Dad.

I think Kiwis are on a sporting high at the moment. ABs won; Magic won their netball now another soccer draw....what next?

Meggie said...

I am no sports fan, but I had a smile of pride for the All Whites. Of course part of it was due to the absolute green-ness of the Aussies envy!!

Simone de Klerk said...

I would have loved to see them in the next round. Too bad they didn't make it, but they did it so well!!!