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Monday, 7 June 2010

Jane Austen and a Bank Holiday

YES!! it is a bank holiday and it has  rained all blessed day....
So after realising that I would not be doing anything outside today, I tackled housework and ironing (ughhhh!!) my real pet hate.

On the TV before  lunch came the film "Becoming Jane" So I put down tools and watched it.
Thought need some more Jane Austen  as I now have a copy of  most all of the films  I sat through "Persuasion"
had something to eat and then "Emma",

By the way did finish ironing around teatime break
and have started BBC Pride and Prejudice only 4 more  episodes to go it is going to be a long night.

Okay, kettle has boiled tea and supper  to be made and time to get back to the TV.
What a decadent and fabulous way to spend a rainy day / evening.
 Do I feel guilty ... not on your life.


Bee Jay said...

Glad you didn't feel guilty - I certainly wouldn't have. We have our 'Monday off' next week. Hope the weather's a little bit better than yours was though. We've seen enough rain in the last 20 days or so. We need to dry out a little.

Deb said...

How could anyone feel guilty spending an afternoon watching Mr Darcy? What a wonderful day.
hugs Deb