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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Oh! the taste was delicious

A friend called on me yesterday and gave me what she called "Real Eggs"

By this she meant that they were laid just yesterday from free range chickens
 I had some for breakfast this morning, what a treat and what a flavour ..
I did not realise how tasteless the supermarket eggs were, I made a pledge there and then I would go back to buying eggs from the small holding in the village, at least for the eggs that I eat.

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Ali Honey said...

Lucky you! I love eggs. Be careful cracking any eggs ( even supermarket , supposedly tested ones )into a cup first. Twice in the last year I have had a bad egg that spoilt others already in the bowl, so have gone back to breaking them one by one.

It's not long till your exciting weekend.( pack warm things )
Hugs Ali.