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Saturday, 26 June 2010

The sewing room and Cross stitch

I decided to start some Cross Stitch, being something I don't have to tax my brain to do.
BUT while looking for the pattern etc
I realised that my sewing room was a bit of a tip so I started to tidy the patterns I had emptied the shelves when I thought  ( Now not a good move for me thinking it always involves more work )
 I really don't have a good cutting table area in the right position, so I started to empty the room and switch all the furniture around so as the two large tables were back to back,  giving larger machine and cutting area.   Two bookcases needed moving so had to empty them completely, final got everything in position and had used up all my energy, so they are still awaiting the tidy up not only what you see in the pictures, there is another couple of piles waiting to be put back on the shelves,
one of those jobs that will take longer than planned, you know looking through and thinking wow!!  have not seen that pattern for ages... or think I will try that pattern and so on. 

So Cross stitch got started today I have spent a great day I gave myself  at 9.30am one hour to clean up, shower and be ready to sit down this morning  I did it and I have sat watching  2 films on DVD or should I say listening to them, while I stitched.  Stopping for lunch of warmed up leftover  casserole from  yesterday and afternoon tea and a comfort stop.

I am using variegated thread and it is an "Antique Hussif" sewing purse it will have a few small items to go inside... I am doing it on 32 count linen I must be off of my rocker !!!
So I am wearing magnifiers over my glasses, not a pretty sight.


Ann said...

Know what you mean about the patchwork and that embroidery is calling to you, I haven't touched my patchwork for a few weeks.

Love how your bathroom looks with the new shelves.

Bee Jay said...

Teehehehe... Laurie I can just visualise you with the 'bugs eyes' magnifier! I also have some that are the kind that look like a miners hat fitting around the head on a band but my eyes have now got so bad I can't use them. When in the US recently I picked up a pair that clip over my regular specs a bit like some sunnies do and they're brilliant! Much more becoming! LOL

Scottish Nanna said...

I have not done any sewing either I have done A bit of crochet.I like to cross stitch to I like yours it is very nice.
Hugs Mary.

Ali Honey said...

I know that process. Looking for something and finding so many other ditracting things along the way...but you got there didn't you and you have your room rearranged so it's all good. Maybe not the way you planned it; but that happens.