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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Book reviews .. and stitching

A couple of the  blogs I follow review books they have read,  I began to think  about my reading and at present it is non existent, with stitching and patchwork and quilting I find reading has gone way out of the window ... on top of that I find reading in bed just sends me to sleep after reading the same paragraph 3 times or more.

Then a few years back some one put me on to the talking books from the library,  now it is wonderful I stitch and someone reads unabridged books to me on CD's.  I always thought talking books were only for sight impaired folks ..but not so they are easily available from our library and would you believe at no cost what ever ( I am given to understand this is not so everywhere) most books are 8  to 10 hours long so you can serialise them if need be, but sometimes you just have to hear the next section and I have been known to sit all day listening and stitching.
They are great if you are travelling in the car for long distances also, I have converted a few people to them, including another stitching friend Mhairi, who now  stitches to her talking books, it is amazing how our conversations have changed from  the books we have read, to what CD's we have listened to ( a sign of the times I guess).

This weeks selection will last me may be two weeks, I try to bring  different types of books Crime, thrillers, novels and Biographies even some travel books,  it is amazing what I have listened to ... but would never have read such a book if it came down to me reading it,
so it has definitely broadened my tastes.
So if you need to read and stitch , also an impossibility to do both at once,  try talking books then you get the best of both worlds.

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Bee Jay said...

Its a great idea Laurie - I've just found out that my library has begun an 'online' download of audio books for borrowing. I don't know how it works yet but I'm planning to investigate.