Grandma and her boys

Monday, 26 July 2010

Doing the Grandma bit

Yesterday I drove to Hamilton  to be here so as at 6am  today Kathryn and Steve could take off to a conference in Auckland, they will be gone for 3 days...So Grandma's in charge.

This morning was fairly easy boys were up and watching TV when I woke up.. a couple of commands or should I say requests and they were washed and into their school uniforms, breakfast was easy and lunch boxes packed ... we were out of the door right on time.  Now it is time to be thinking about the evening meal, Ben and Alex have very limited likes and lots of dislikes ( very child like  or normal one could say) so it looks like chicken and beef mince for a couple of days
I have bought my sewing and hopefully I can manage a cup of coffee with a friend who moved here a couple of years ago...then it will be pick up time.
So far no disasters  but it is only 11am   and may be another cup of coffee is called for.. 

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