Grandma and her boys

Monday, 26 July 2010

Sunday in Rotorua

Sunday morning in Rotorua up bright and early a few chores to do before heading to Quilting day ( once a month we have a day when we stitch at the club rooms doing charity quilts or your own work) from there I head to Hamilton .. all well until I opened the door to take folded laundry to the cupboard when I pulled the door across my toes...of course bare feet no slippers on ...after I dropped the laundry and head on door post shed a few tears said a few choice words not to be repeated here ... I hobbled around a bit.
Ring on the door bell and I have unexpected visitors so after making them welcome and drinking coffee with them it really was to late to go to quilting....never mind a few things I could get done before heading to Kathryn's.
Walking was becoming difficult and painful but managed to get shoes on ok... and they gave my foot support. Finally drove to Kathryn's, on arrival I realised that foot was really painful and now walking was  a whole lot more difficult...
Kathryn took one look and off to emergency room...yes !!  bet you have guessed by now I have a broken toe and bruised others ... I now have a fancy shoe that is wonderful as it keeps the foot supported and no pressure across the toes ...3 weeks they said to keep it on and plenty of painkillers.
Sure wish I had had one of those cage contraptions they put in the beds in hospital to keep the bedclothes off the legs or feet last night..  but no time for self pity have boys to look after.


Catsngrams said...

Oh my goodness. So sorry to hear about your toes. I do hope that they get better soon. Tell the boys to do for themselves. You need to rest. It will be a good lesson for them.

By Hoki Quilts said...

OMG Laurie, as I read your post I felt the hairs on my neck rise. A sure fire sign that that was something very hurtful. You poor chook, ouch, I can still feel the pain for you. Get those handsome young boys running around after you Grandma, go on, I bet they would do a great job.
Take great care

Bee Jay said...

Oh poor Laurie - and what a day you had into the bargain. Hope you're able to get pain relief and comfortable sleep. We used to put a spare pillow at the foot of the bed just enough to keep the bed linen away from your tootsies. It might be worth a try if you can't find anything else. Blessings!

Saar said...

Find a solid cardboard box and put it in your bed, foot in box means no pressure from sheets/blankets etc, can be a bit draughty but you can make it work!!!
Get well soon.

Ali Honey said...

Ouch Laurie. That's no good. I suggest a pillow or cushion at the bottom of the bed to keep the top covers off - works really well.
Hope the pain eases soon.