Grandma and her boys

Sunday, 4 July 2010

I am home

I am home and whee!! wow!! what a weekend.
Leanne and Rosalie were such great fun, with 65 people at the retreat they had their work cut out.
Now it is time to reflect as my brain is buzzing with ideas, so watch this space tomorrow.

Jill from Cottage Flair and Katherine from Cloth Shop made these great bags for us all.
Sorry that the photo is not the best they are difficult to capture on camera, so have done my best.
Thanks a million Jill and Katherine.


Shari said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Glad you had fun and are home safe and sound. I look forward to your 'show and tell'

SandyN said...

Wow - so glad you had so much fun... Can't wait to see what you made...

I will be seeing the girls in August..

Sandy N