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Monday, 5 July 2010

Where do you start

Where do you start to tell you about a fabulous weekend ... may be if I tell you I was so tired when I got home yesterday evening that I actually went to bed at 8.30pm... that will give you an idea how full on the weekend was.
Food, tea and coffee was high on the agenda and it kept coming... the top of the tree was chocolate bars for afternoon tea... what and how could a room full of girls want for more. Just to let you know that there was fresh fruit available  also which was nice and refreshing.
The venue and the resort  (which is a timeshare resort) was lovely  each  one was a complete house two bedrooms and bathrooms, kitchen and living area...not that we saw a lot of the accommodation. The first night  quite a few groups stitched late into the night, it was round 10pm when my group disappeared to bed.
It was a very cold weekend but we were warm and toastie.

A view of the lake from the balcony.

Some lovely ladies on our table Jenny and Jane from Fielding and Wellington

Mhairi, Pam from Cambridge, Jenny and Rosalie giving tips on stitches.

Leanne and her quilt lay out. This part of the weekend really appealed to me and I managed a block so I have the concept in my head.
Leanne does all of her quilt designs on this basic 15 inch block system, just tweeking bits in each block and turning  each complete block a 1/4 turn to change the look and adding stitching and applique. Also by making the smaller  blocks into traditional blocks. Once you have the basic block any thing is possable as you can see from her quilts....

Rosalie  is the stiching and design queen, the main stitchery she designed for the New Zealand retreats

I decided to leave until I can start it here at home so I decided to do a couple of her small designs that I will add to my quilt..... I hope you re read that part ...MY QUILT yes!  this weekend has started my jucies running again for my patchwork.

So here is a view of my stitching ready to go, this is a small stitchery from Rosalie...   
I think that is enough for today so tune in tomorrow for episode two.

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Ali Honey said...

65 ladies, that's quite a big group.
Yes, I read the word QUILT!
Was any one from Tauranga there?
The weather is not great over here either, but so far not as bad as was forecast.