Grandma and her boys

Monday, 5 July 2010

Installment 2 mainly photo's

The theme of the weekend was Mid Winter Christmas, here is
 Jill ( Cottage Flair) done up like and angel.

There was decorations all around the room one that appealed to me was this wrought iron tree covered in had made decorations

This is the project for the weekend from Rosalie as I said mine will be done at home so this is a picture of her sample. Also a picture of the doll that could have been made on the day.

The great thing is we have all these patterns to do at a later date, including this bag

Finally a picture of the crew taken when they said good bye over the balcony that was inside the main building very Romeo and Juliette....

So here is my small stitchery that I finished in the middle of the night last night when I couldn't sleep.

Finally a view across Lake Taupo at dawn


helen-mary said...

I know how much fun you had on your retreat - they are my FAVORITE way to take a mini-vacation. That bag is really cute.

Bee Jay said...

Love the view Laurie - is that what you see from your house? Magic!