Grandma and her boys

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


I found this neat quilt picture on Kathryn's computer... it is amazing how you just take things for granted , I logged in on her computer and was ready to make a post and tried to look for a picture ..  when up came her pictures, What is going on here I thought?  I was beginning to wonder what had happened to all my pictures
then it struck me of course I was not on my own computer and only her items can be accessed, wake up Grandma !!

My toe is much better and not painful now unless I forget and try to bend my foot, then I know about it.
Solved the sleeping problem with the pillow in the bed...thank you to every one who suggested different ways to over come the bedclothes problem.

Today my time of "incharge" is over .. well! after I cook the evening meal and collect boys from school that is ...  Kathryn and Steve should be back around supper time and that will leave me time to drive home and snuggle in my own bed...Oh! there is nothing like your own bed, not that I have not been comfortable here in Hamilton, I have and enjoyed every minute with Ben and Alex I think they enjoy talking Grandma into things that they would not normally be allowed to do .. kids are crafty even when fairly young, and then they look amazed that I know they are trying it on .. but they got away with a few things but that's what Grandma is for  so they can remember these things when they get older and it gives us a special things to remember away from  the rules of parents... I know I had this special thing with my Grandma and loved it I hope they will as well.

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Ann said...

Glad your toe is feeling better, that must have been so painful!