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Sunday, 15 August 2010

Another pattern on the wish list

Another pattern I came across this last week or two is
 VICTORIA SAMPER   leaflet #122

I found this beautiful picture of it. So it has gone on my wish list, I am just checking to see if it is available here in NZ yet.
If it is available near you please let me know, I try to purchase in shops locally so as to help the local business people, I would rather do this than on the internet ... so we help keep the shops we have in business .... but some times it is necessary to go over seas to obtain things.
We have lost one of our sewing and haberdashery shops in Rotorua and now the big guy's have the monopoly.... and they don't always stock what we need, only what they can sell a lot of.

Who could not just love this.

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Deb said...

Try and see if they have it. If not Andrea will always get it for you if she can.