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Saturday, 14 August 2010

What a week

This week has been so so wet and it has still not finished, tomorrow ( Sunday ) forecast is as bad if not worse.  Webbed feet would have been very useful here in NZ this week.

During the week I went to Tauranga Embroidery Guild  Open day and exhibition, they had a great speaker Vivien Caughley  speaking on her passion for "Samplers"

Vivien Caughley is a volunteer in Applied Arts at Auckland Museum. In 2007 she received a Creative New Zealand grant to locate, research and write about Samplers in New Zealand. She has some amazing samplers with her and her talk was mesmerizing for me... It could have gone all day as far as I was concerned.
After a nice lunch at the Rowing Club it was off to the exhibition  .... it was lovely and some beautiful work on show.... A dream of a day for me, could not think of a better way to have spent the  day.


I found some lovely patterns this week for items that I would love to get done for presents this  Christmas... I can dream can't I ?

The end of the week finished with a funeral, a lovely lady that I have known for 10yrs but feel as though it is was forever, Ruth died very suddenly  on Tuesday after an aneurysm of the brain she was a lovely lady who belonged to Inner Wheel .... Ruth would do anything for anyone was always cheerful and was an amazing funeral .. must have been over 300 people many people wishing to talk about her,  it actually lasted over two hours. Ruth had great faith and I am sure she is with her maker ... God Bless Ruth.


By Hoki Quilts said...

I have only just been able to get on line and have discovered that you have lost a dear friend. My sympathies to you my friend. It's hard when we find rare treasures like friends and they are taken from us.
loving thoughts

Deb said...

Hi Laurie, so very sad to hear of the death of your friend. Such a loss when you loose such close bond.
I am lolving that first photo of yours of all that beautiful colourful loveliness in the Perle cottons. Just scrummy.

Leigh said...

Did Viviene say where she would be writing about the NZ samplers? I had often wondered if there were any and what they looked like.

Ali Honey said...

Firstly I can tell Leigh. There is a fabuolous collection in the Dunedin museum...I have seen them - some by girls as young as 8. Worth seeking out!

So sorry you have one friend less. It's been a right week hasn't it?

I loved the can they see to do that fine work?

I love what you are hoping to it a sampler or a Hussif?
Also why do they put spelling mistakes in the samplers? Just because only God may be perfect? Or is it really an error?