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Monday, 23 August 2010

A Great Weekend

I have just had a real non stop weekend
Saturday saw Mhairi and I take a trip to KatiKati ( about an hour and fifteen minute drive from Rotorua) where we spent the day with Thames Embroidery Guild, it was great to see the different work the ladies were stitching and had an amazing morning tea, they say this morning tea is our biscuit and a coffee in Rotorua Guild. They met in the Catholic Church hall where there was a church sales table and I purchased a fruit loaf ... I have to have a cake for later in the week and this one looked so good I though it was probably going to be better than mine...and think of the time saved .. more stitching time... and doing a good turn at the same time by buying for a good cause.

Saturday evening was my niece's 25th birthday and she was having a bit of a do... wear any thing starting with "P" or pink, bring food starting with "P" or pink...yes!! the mind boggles, I just dressed in pink head to toe, did not realise I had so many pink items... the only pink shoes I have are my slippers so I was very comfortable while there.  Kathryn and Steve and the "boys" came over and stayed the night..
Sunday we took the boys to the Museum to see where Grandma spent a fair bit of her time as a "Guide" although it is not really a children's museum there was one or two areas that they enjoyed especially the climb to the roof on to the viewing platform.

Today is catch up time with the chores, may be a bit of time for some stitching and Prue is coming for afternoon tea... and Oh! yes the sun is shining the garden has lots of daffodills and other bulbs flowering so spring is oh so close now...whee!!

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Bee Jay said...

You did have an interesting and busy weekend. Good for you Laurie. While I'm here, can you suggest a company o/seas you have dealt with that I can order a c/stitch chart through? I'm wanting to get an order in for the LHN Family Sampler due out early Sept but think it would be quicker to order through a USA company - our local nws may take much longer.
my email: