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Monday, 9 August 2010

I had a basket!!! and what we did on a wet Saturday

This photo was taken last year in Christchurch, you really did not want to see one taken on Saturday as it did not stop " Sheeting " it down with rain all day.

On Saturday Mhairi and I decided to have a bit of a "stitch in"  so she came for the day and we went firstly to Spotlight for a bit of retail therapy and treated ourselves to a McDonald's, this is really a  one off, not something I do often, sometimes I do use their McCafe for the coffee is good and also they do a nice pot of tea. 
The rest of the day was taken up with stitching and construction of some decorations for Embroidery Guild and cutting up some felt for a pin cushion challenge at Rainbow Quilters  that we have coming up at the end of the month. Mhairi also started a jumper for the "Chip paper babies of Africa"  where the babies leave the hospital wrapped in news paper as they have no clothes for them.

The table was covered in bits and pieces I had emptied a basket that contained some fabric when the basket caught the attention of Chivers the rest is history and the basket no longer belongs to me...but the funny side is the basket is smaller  than him but like a contortionist he feeds his body into it. That is okay he can have the basket if he likes it so much ...but he will only have it on the dining room table, I tried giving him it on the floor but no,  on the table only, he even tried to move it towards the table, so now I  have a basket as a fitting on the table, where he is spending many hours a day.

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