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Thursday, 26 August 2010

No need to substitute the fabric colour

This is one of my  Daffodils that is telling me that spring is almost here.

I today tracked down some Cashel 28ct Platinum for  my "Count your Blessings" project.
Over the last few days I have looked  at so many web pages on the Internet, and  emailed all over the world and it produced nothing well almost,  a few in US had what I needed but by the time I paid for shipping it was going to work out so expensive almost half again per meter....a friend in Australia also found some, again the cost was quite a bit more than quoted from NZ so to get this price I have to be willing to wait ...  may be a few weeks.
So today I gave it one more shot on the Internet before I used the Australian source as I do not think I can wait that long .
You are not going to believe this,  I found it almost on my doorstep, well metaphorically speaking that is... at Broomfield's in Christchurch on the South Island ... they had very little in fact just 2 pieces that were any where near the right size, I have purchased a piece rather larger than I need but it will come in useful in the future.
So it is all paid for and hopefully will be with me early next week.

Today I have not been feeling to good ..  a bit of a throat and rather warm but cold and shivery,  I am just praying it comes to nothing as I have a very busy weekend starting tomorrow... I have dosed up with all the right things so another early night and just hope I feel better in the morning.


By Hoki Quilts said...

So pleased you got what you needed. Now, get drinking that water - you're not going to drown but flush out them there bugs my friend. xx

Deb said...

Pleased you managed to track down your linen Laurie. I hope that you don't get worse with your yukky throat etc. Take care and keep your fluids up.