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Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Normally people are to late for things ....

It has been one of those days, you know
the sort full up and over flowing.
Sometimes I think I am stretched in to many ways but it is all my own doing, difficult to say NO and mean it I guess.

So after a busy morning and out to lunch at my Sister and Brother in laws, stayed to long and was in a rush when I got home.
Quite a few jobs to do  and needed to be ready by 6.45pm to go to "History of Quilting group"  
No problem except phone call at 6.40 ... finally off the phone and in the car  6.55,  all well my study in hand,  my turn to research this months subject... Amish Quilts.
In the car thinking I will be late ...
and I hate being late my Mother always installed into us "lateness is the height of ignorance" if you are early just wait outside but never be late.. 
Driving along and the mobile went ...  it was Mhairi  (who I had emailed earlier in the day saying see you tonight)  she asked "where are you"  " just left home " I answer. "May be you should check the date !"  she said.
Seems we were heading out one week ahead of ourselves. 
It is next week on the 5th Tuesday of a Blue Moon month .. I had written it on the wrong week of my dairy.

So I think I will just have an early night get up tomorrow and start again.

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