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Thursday, 5 August 2010

Things I did on a rainy day

Look at this picture how neat I just love here is your next Christmas decoration.
So why am I showing Christmas decorations in August ? may ask.

It has been raining here now for 3 days torrential rain and persistent showers in between, I have stitched and even managed a little housework...not to much mind.
My car was also in for service  thus forced to stay put for a while ..which in fact took a day and a bit as they fixed a new reversing light to the rear bumper so when I am reversing in pitch dark down long  drive ways that are lined with shrubs and trees I do not continue to scratch my car .. Mind the best answer is to ask people to cut back their shrubs and trees but that I guess is a little cheeky.

I checked out  the 2 desk computers we have in the study, they have not been used for a very long time may be 4 years ....ever since we retired from our business here in NZ ... In the winter the study is on the cool or rather cold side of the house .. so now I use a laptop in the comfort of a lovely warm dining room.. so after they warmed up ( the computers that is) they are 9 years old it took 24 hours for all the new windows updates to load and the virus protection.
I looked at the setup you know the wallpaper and screen savers etc, and decided to change them all bringing them up to date and a new lease of life
A long time ago I found if you are looking for a nice fresh look to your computer try it ... there are hundreds and hundreds of wallpapers and screen savers to choose from and download.
I took a look at the Christmas ones and found these " red wellies" I just love them so now I have Christmas all ready as my wallpaper. Nothing like being ready early.

P.S.   One of the screens of the desk computers has just given up the ghost, I called my friendly computer tech.... and he said leaving computers not working for any length of time is almost a death warrant to them .... as dust get into the workings and when they are fired up they warm up and the dust and grease collect around the workings and ...POOF off they go.  So the moral is if you have a desk computer bedsides your laptop.. please remember to turn on the desk one often to keep it free of dust and cover when not used.


Ali Honey said...

That is true, but the insides can be vacummed out quite sucessfully.

The weather here ( except for Monday ) sucks too!
I too have been doing is a very repetative thing one ever notices except when I don't do it!
( doing some sewing too from time to time ).

Tamara said...

Oh, nice prepared boots! I simply love them :D Nevertheless, I forgot that christmas is already in 4.5months. I should think about decoration and presents... Thanks for remember me to that Laurie.

Greetings from Switzerland