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Saturday, 4 September 2010

Earth Quake in Christchurch NZ

New Zealand earthquake: state of emergency declared
A state of emergency has been declared after a magnitude 7.1 earthquake struck the New Zealand city of Christchurch, destroying hundreds of buildings. The quake struck at 4.35am local time on Saturday while most people were still in bed, sending panic-stricken residents running into the streets in their pyjamas.
This country of ours is known for its volcanic eruptions and earth quakes, especially here in Rotorua where we seem to have a large share of them but we consider ourselves lucky as so far 4.9 is the worst I have felt in 10 yrs... Christchurch in the South Island is not an area that is  high on the list as a potential quake place but it just goes to show you never can tell.

For a first hand report take a look at Deb's blog here she lives in Christchurch and has some photos of the damage in her house.

I am relieved and pleased to read the blogs of you Canterbury ladies and that your families are safe and that you don't have too much damage. How scary it must be with all those after shocks....  People must have been very, very scared, and the damage  frightening.
The news tells us it will be some time before the full extent of the damage will be known , but the early indications are that it could run into the billions of dollars.

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