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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Need a break to where ?

I need a break, but where ?
I keep thinking about it and have decided yes ! go for it

I have been thinking about Australia

I don't know where I want to go in Australia, Or what I want to do,

So what do I have ... I have air miles, I have time ... I have about 10 days late October or early November  OH! and if I am in your area  may be call in and say hello to you.
So I am open to suggestions,  by the way it just me on my own and  I am happy to drive and I would love for the sun to be shining I am not into beaches ... as in sun bathing but love to walk on the beach.. I would love to see the real Australia not necessarily the tourist points.


SandyN said...

Come on over.... you will LOVE it...

Let me know the details.

Sandyn (NSW - Australia)

Narelle said...

If you end up in or close to Bundaberg in Queensland, let me know.