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Monday, 13 September 2010

Some times life gets in the way

This picture of Steve, Ben and Alex sat by a river has absolutely nothing to do with this post I just think it is so relaxing looking and contemplating the flow of water.      Sometimes one has to stop and look at things that are relaxing
as this life and the world are just on one big whirl 24 hours a day
So what is whirling today... I am in the middle of trying to organise myself a break in Australia... should be easy one would have thought...ugh!
Have sorted a few dates etc checked on the flights and almost decided the area to travel to...
just about to book tickets, when someone reminds me of  two ( yes 2 !! )  commitments not in my diary ... so now it is back to the drawing board... I guess I should count my blessings that I have such a full and busy life, of course I do ... so now every thing about my break  has to be moved further backwards .. so I have blocked off the diary for the week 24th  - 30th so far I can think of nothing that should get in the way .. but hey!! who can say. So fingers crossed this time.

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boysmum2 said...

24th of September? October? or November? Sure I can come up with something for you to do!!