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Friday, 12 November 2010

Chocolate cake ... cheating

This is not the cake in the blog just a picture.

Today was afternoon tea day at Arthritis Aquatic Exercise class.
Now I have just eaten the most glorious chocolate sponge with cream and strawberry filling..
The person who owned up to the cake was very sheepish when asked "how did she make it?"  as it was so light and melted in your mouth.
Then out came the truth..... it was a purchased sponge roll ready to fill from
Countdown / Woolworths
She filled it with fresh cream and strawberries and dusted it with icing sugar ....Oh my! it was to die for.
So all you ladies living in NZ off you go to Countdown and save yourself the heart ache of trying to make that perfect sponge, I know I will in future.

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