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Monday, 15 November 2010

Me and my time....

Considering I live on my own or Chivers the cat and I do here in beautiful Rotorua, and don't work or should I say no gainful employment.
I am sooooo busy for the last few months I just don't seem to have a lot of time at home, and when I am here there still does not seem to be enough of it  to do all the things I want to do or need to do.

Somethings just seem not to get done, or may be I close my eyes to them, not wanting to see them, I have all good intentions when I lay in bed and try to organise my time for the day, I will do one little job that has been sat around for you know where I am coming from ... so what goes wrong with in the few minutes from rising from bed and the rest of the day....well !!
There is Patchwork group, Embroidery Guild, Arthritis Aqua group, Rotary Inner Wheel, Guide at the museum, taking care of grand kids after school ( 2 hours 1 day a week) stitching on Fridays, and various morning and afternoon tea invites ... and to top the lot Christmas has now crept up on me.

 I would love someone may be a fairy to pop in and do all the little jobs that are hanging around, there is a pile of filing in fact may be 7 months worth next to the computer nothing arduous.. just needs sometime. A larger and growing pile of repairs or alterations needed to some clothes and some of them are brand new .. some have been there months did I really need them at the your life I did.
Under my desk here is the biggest health and safety issue going on with electric cables, it just needs a half an hour to sort them but not high on my list of priorities I guess.

Now ironing,  this is my very very pet hate, but I really got my act together last evening put on a DVD of Important of Being Ernest with Colin Firth and stood and did all the ironing I felt so righteous afterwards and when I walk into the laundry there on the rail is       " nothing " wheeee!

Yesterday was a good day and I was to be home all day and I felt yes! I will get somethings done...when my neighbour mentioned  they were going to Hamilton to meet up with relatives ... now this is where my Daughter and family live ...Oh! I think how about going and pay a visit taking a lift with the half an hour later I am off to see the grand kids and the household jobs stay undone. I am so easily distracted from the jobs.
We just won't talk about the sewing room well not a lot anyway ...  why do I just dump things on the table and beside the machine also the floor needs to be found, when I moved into my new sewing room I made a pact with myself to keep it tidy .. what went wrong? 
Every time I go there to do any thing I have to spend first 15 minutes finding the table and putting things where they belong..... I did a class a fortnight ago on Paper Piecing needed Christmas fabrics just small bits so why is the bulk of the fabric still sat on the chair.
I guess my problem is time management .....
... so if you have a solution to time management that is fool proof please send it to me. 
 What amazes me is I can manage other people and while I was working I had a staff of 14 at a Health Centre ..
 4 GP's all the Midwives and Heath visitors and reception staff, and nurses and the place ran like clock work.  So why can't I now, in my silver years just run one household   "me and the cat ".....

There telling someone all about it makes me feel better  ...  so at 10.40am and not dressed I will make another coffee and take a look at what needs doing ... the operative words being "take a look" I have to be out by 12. noon.


Ali Honey said...

Hi Laurie, Obviously the cat isn't pulling his weight; just leaving everything to you to do!

By Hoki Quilts said...

Creative minds always leave chaos behind them - well that's what I was told once and now almost use it as a mantra to make me feel better about the mess I have that sounds like it equals yours my friend. Breathe deep and close the odd door - if you can't see it you'll feel better : ))

Bee Jay said...

Oh Laurie - I had to smile when reading about someone who is so much like me regarding 'home' time management. I think at our age we need to cut ourselves a bit of slack and just take things a day at a time. If it gets done, then great, if it doesn't, then there's another day tomorrow. And after all, you've earned it haven't you? Blessings!

Jenny said...

I envy people who have perfectly tidy homes, I am not one of them. My sewing room is the dining room, and there are alays bags of projects piled up. And you should see the state of the spare room!! No room for visitors. Perhaps we become complac ent when we get older? Like you I need a fairy to work her magic.

Isabella said...

Hey you sound very normal to me Laurie thats just a discription of my place.
My excuse at present is Ive been busy with my advent swap.
Did you do it this year the swap I mean

boysmum2 said...

Must be hereditary as I am exactly the same. People at work think I have an amazingly tidy efficient house because that is how I am at work, but at home nothing gets done, things get forgotten, sometimes for years! I get distracted very easily.
Now come to think about it what was I going to type, I forgot already!!