Grandma and her boys

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Hi from a Wet and Windy Rotorua

YES!! you did read that right ... we are still in Rotorua and we are so pleased we decided to stay at home.
The rain is still falling that is now 4 days of continuous showers and today torrential rain..
But guess what we did today... no you won't be able to so I will tell you.

We drove to Whakatane and Ohope Beach at 2pm this afternoon we were going a little stir crazy in the house and needed some fresh air... I suggested it just to go out may be just a drive there and back.  We stopped for a late lunch at Julian's Berry Farm wee hee !! to die for... then a fresh strawberry frozen yogurt ... then on to the beach, the wind was blowing and the rain was really coming down

" How about a walk on the sand " said I.  Paul thought I was off my rocker, then Penny agreed to come with me. So Paul stayed in the car and we headed off along the sand collecting shells ...  in fact the wind dropped once we were on the sand and it was a really great stroll we took, we got wet .. our skin is  water proof, and I stood to close to the incoming tide and got wet, up past my knees.
But it was just like being  kids again together.

The flooding on the way back was beginning to show and the drains were over flowing... hopefully it will ease tonight .. although the weatherman says not before Wednesday or Thursday ... Oh help!!.


sunny said...

What a lovely walk on the beach! That sounds like something I would do, given the opportunity. But I'm not sure anyone would share the craziness with me! Enjoy your holidays, whereever you are.

Ali Honey said...

Sounds like our weather is about the same as work getting done outside....we might have to take your lead and just get wet.

Thank you for your ecard.

Bee Jay said...

How cool to do something so 'silly and stupid' - good on you both. You had a great time and certainly 'blew the cobwebs away'. Hope your remaining time with rellies is as exciting and pleasurable. Blessings!

Isabella said...

Oh I soo hope the weather picks up for you comming all that way to have to stay indoors would be such a shame