Grandma and her boys

Saturday, 18 December 2010

My visitors have arrived

My sister Penny and her husband Paul have arrived from UK bringing with them the rain, it has not stopped for 3 days, hopefully we will head off tomorrow going south to visit Wellington and every thing between here and there of interest.  Paul would like to see the Palmerston North Rugby Museum .. me I did not even know they had one !!
We have done  all the boiling mud and volcanic stuff here in Rotorua while it has been raining .... so lets all pray for the rain to ease  so they can see farther than a few yards across the lakes.

So I am going to be absent for a bit from blogging.

Every one have a fantastic Christmas ... catch up with you all later.


sunny said...

Enjoy your time with family. Merry Christmas to all!

Jenny said...

Hi Laurie

Not only is there a Rugby Musuemn, but there are quilts and embroideries there too!

You can read about it on my blog at

Or, if that doesn't work, the post is called "Who would have thought it" and is dated April 10th 2010

Bee Jay said...

Hope the weather improves for you all and that you enjoy the rest of your time with your rellies. Have a blessed Christmas. Blessings!