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Monday, 10 January 2011

I am here just not active

This is just how I feel at present .. the flu etc that I had over Christmas has knocked the stuffing out of me, I am forgetting every thing and it all seems to much trouble.
As long as someone else organises me I am fine, I am even forgetting to eat and had a bit of a wake up call on Sunday evening around 9pm when I really felt " funny" and then realised I had not eaten since 8am so after a quick piece of bread and jam .... I felt almost human and set to, to make something more substantial.

This is the first time that I have felt so low after the Flu ...  I have heard of people being like this,  I was getting breathless and no energy so I took myself to the GP again and low and behold not just aftermath of flu, I still have chest infection and my Asthma has kicked in so back on the pills and inhalers and after a couple of days I now am feeling so much better, but can still sleep the clock around if left to do so...
This evening I was determined to get some exercise and took myself off for a walk or should I say a stroll I did about 30 mins and feel very pleasantly tired so an early night is on the cards.

So I  have done absolutely no sewing of any description since the beginning of December,  but Wednesday a few ladies are getting together and we will get back into the swing of stitching again after the holiday period, it will be good to have some structure to the day again

Tomorrow morning  at about 8am I am going to the hot pools for a bit of a dip and swim, need to get up and going again and this will be the start

So don't give up on me I will be back on line soon.


By Hoki Quilts said...

HI laurie, just be careful at the hot pools they can really take the last ounce of energy out of one, and so what if you haven't sewn your health does come first. If your tired, sleep as you obviously need it but make sure you eat honey otherwise you know that your defences will just dip even lower.
Take it easy, you're not Wonder Woman, just Superwoman !!!

Bee Jay said...

I was so sorry to hear how unwell you've been Laurie. What a dose you've had. I do so hope that you are well on the road to recovery now and those hot pools and the wonderful healing of the sulphur should do wonders for you.

Isabella said...

You only had till Wednesday then I was Emailing you to see what was going on its not like you not to post without saying you were away galivanting someplace :)
So Look after yourself enjoy the hot pools but dont over do it girl.

Jenny said...

Oh dear, poor you. I do hope you start to feel much better soon. being sick is no fun, especially when it lingers. Get well soon.

boysmum2 said...

Keep eating please, we want to see you on Saturday

Ali Honey said...

That's no good Laurie.
Be careful with the warm swim....the stroll sounds safer to me.
Please take care a nibble even if you are not hungry.

Ann said...

Hope you start to feel better soon, Laurie. You are not alone in this, I just can't get myself moving at all at the moment, and I've neglected my blog.

helen-mary said...

Hot pools. Sigh. It is -8 c. here in southern Ontario. -18 with the wind chill. Sigh.