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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Time to do something

I am feeling at least 100% better than a week or so ago which is just great... now I feel I have to do something constructive....

Some folks are but most people are not aware that my life has changed some what in the last 18 months, after we came back from Dubai ...... I needed to retire and do the Grandma bit and Eric decided he was not retiring and wanted to return to China  ( we have a company there) to run it from there.
So the upshot is we parted company after 48 yrs. Lots of other factors of course with in this ... but that is okay we are both happy very friendly and no ill feelings both needing different things from life at this stage of play..
So the house will be mine completely with in a couple of weeks  ... now the fun starts obviously the house is far to big  with 4 bedrooms for just one person and a cat that thinks he owns the place of course.  So I have decided to take in a boarder, but one who will be completely self sufficient. 

The master bedroom will be turned into a bed-sitting room with own bathroom and small kitchenette in the laundry which will mean that who ever the occupant is will not have to go through the main part of the house .. I will be looking for a professional person and will be very very fussy about who I let it to.
The master bedroom is an extension of the house and can be completely cut off from the rest of the house, which makes it perfect for this plan.
This will mean some moving of rooms i.e. the study will become my sewing room ( just after I had settled into the new one oh! well that's life I suppose)
The sewing room will become my bedroom, the study will no longer exist ... what happens to the computer paraphernalia and office stuff ......I do not have a clue at this present moment in time. Good job the garage is more than a double and has a large workshop attached for storing stuff.

So it is spend time new bed for me and a smaller one for the bedsit room  ...   I am going shopping on the next holiday weekend 28th / 29th January when there will be fantastic deals going on ...   I have already looked and seen what I want,  now just waiting for those deals to appear.
It is sort of exciting in away .... until I moved the sewing room yesterday the following pictures will tell the story .....

Oh !!  where the heck is that Fairy God Mother when you need her ... trying to push every thing in is going to be a squeeze so I have vowed to have a clear out... at least 20% of this has to go in fact I bet I could up that if I was really ruthless.
I think the Op Shop is going to do very well out of me this next week especially on the books and magazines,  I don't think I have thrown out a single sewing and embroidery magazine for years.
I have patterns dating back to the dark ages  now don't know why I saved them and I just know I do not have enough years left of life to start them let alone finish them so they have to go.


By Hoki Quilts said...

Hi sweetie, don't overdo things will you and please remember that you have been sick so just pace yourself as I wouldn't like to think of you getting ill again.
good luck finding a boarder, I'm sure there isw just the perfect person for you out there.

boysmum2 said...

If it is a pattern you think I might get to make in my lifetime then please save for me to peruse before you op shop it