Grandma and her boys

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lovely Neighbours

I have these wonderful neighbours Keith and Lynne and when I said "help ! need muscles" there he was ready to moved some furniture for me, just cost me a cup of tea ...they are the best.
I didn't even have a biscuit to offer him, they are not allowed in my pantry or supermarket trolley.

I have spent just an hour this evening sorting the sewing room ... amazing what you can do in such a short space of time .... looking good already... Op shop pile is small at present but it will increase, but the waste bin is fairly full so may be moving rooms is a bit of a bonus as the garbage is leaving the room ... why do we hang on to bits and pieces that we really know are of no practical use.... I know it is the squirrel in me... or is it the fact that I was born in WW11 and things were just never thrown away for years even after the rationing was over ... old habits die hard sometimes.
I can also feel my Mum looking down on me saying " Don't throw that out it will come in one day for something" and it sure did in her time,  she made over all sorts of stuff for us 3 girls brother was lucky he was born when money was alot more plentiful.
It is amazing how when you are doing one thing ...  it jogs your memory  to think on things in the past may be things you had completely forgotten about, I just love it when this happens ... This is when you should write down your memories for the future generations I do wish my Grandparents had. I should start to do it myself.


Ali Honey said...

I'm glad to hear you are feeling so much better.
You really have been having a clean out and change around. I hope you find a person who is suitable,...... that's very brave of you.
Everything is very damp here this morning after an inch of rain.

Isabella said...

OH my you are a busy girl Laurie no wonder your body said enough !! I'm having a rest even if I have to make her sick to get it :) You never stop then you take on a major project like this tell you you leave me for dead in more than just your lovely sewing.