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Thursday, 20 January 2011

The big sort out still going on

Well, the big sort out is still going on, I managed a few more things yesterday and this morning  I have sorted the new study ... well not exactly a "study " more a computer cupboard but I think it will work just great... in fact it may be good to be able to shut the door on the computer stuff and not have it as the  dominate thing on view..... some how !   I don't think I am going to miss the study other than not having a dumping ground for things that have no home.
Shelves above will hold the stationary stuff, and may be a few other items. The work surface is a tad to high but that has a good side it makes you sit up while typing and the screen is the correct height for good posture.

I am just waiting on my darling son coming and sorting the power and telephone line to it and I will be up and running.  At the present there are extension leads coming from the other side of the room, Just hope health and safety don't pay me a visit... but guess they will have seen worse than mine.

Yesterday evening I went to see a performance of Macbeth
Put on by the local Shakespeare Outside Group it was so well done  there was no fumbling of lines and the costumes where amazing.   Here are The Three Witches, Their cauldron even boiled with Dry ice it was so well done.
I was so into the performance I forgot to take more photographs .


Isabella said...

You sound very busy Laurie I need to do some to but when ??

Cheryll said...

You are well under way to being organised I think! The space looks very user friendly. :)