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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

I have not forgotten you

I really have not forgotten you all, it is just I am still up to my eyes cleaning out ...I have decided it is a good opportunity to have a de-clutter I am not sure that there is such a word ...but heck who cares!!
So every drawer and cupboard, box and corner has been turned out.
I have  tried to be sensible about all this and just doing a couple of hours each day and keeping up life as we know it as well.
I have a new bedroom and a new bed ... first night used last night and I slept all night awaking at 8am today ... have not done that for weeks and weeks so it must be comfortable, warm and cosy.... must admit I was tossing and turning quite a bit in the old bed,  may be it was time for a new one. The lady in the shop says the manufacturers recommend every 10 yrs to change your mattress... wow! ours must have been 20 yrs from what I can remember. 
The cat seems to appreciate it so I guess that's all that matters.

The sewing room ... just don't mention it is being kept until last, and when I do it I will be able to concentrate 100% on it, I am also going to be quite tough on that as well there are drawers full of stuff that I will not use... but you know how it is when you shop...Oooh!haaa!  .. useful or what a good gadget and before you know it is in your bag. Really how many of these gadgets and nic nacs do we really use
So I am going back to almost basics...Oh yeah! watch this space, as I said the intentions are there but guess the heart and head will be not so willing.

So back to work and stop wasting time on this infernal computer .. what a time waster it can be what starts out as a 10 minute email and blog check ends up a couple of hours.... mind you some folks can be really strict ...Oh well not me!!


Isabella said...

Slow but sure must surley be the way to go just be careful with the moving of things my dear

June said...

There must be something in the air and it can't be spring, but it seems all my friends are de-cluttering and the local Op shop is benefiting. I can so relate to your comments about "make do and mend" which was one of my mother's mantras - like, "don't put it down, put it away!" I remember sweets in the UK were still rationed when I was 13 and at High School - and I am going to a class this year to write my memoirs for my grandchildren.