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Monday, 7 February 2011

Finally on the mend

I just could not believe that I was feeling so drained and knackered all the time .... sleep was not good .... food,  I  had not a lot of interest in and doing all the shifting and cleaning out was just all to much ... some I put down to the heat we were experiencing ( but hey!  lived in the middle east for years so heat is never a problem here for me)
So took myself off to the Dr's ... Where we went through everything and I think the out come was post viral ( what ever that is ) so off for blood tests.

Results  ...Anemia and Folic acid far to low .. vitamins also low, stomach needs to be settled after all the antibiotics and then the mouth ulcers will clear away. So now on my side in the kitchen is lined up all the pots of pills I am going to rattle if you shake me .. but at this stage I will try anything. 
I wonder why there is not a one off injection to cure all these trying little things it would be so much better as pill taking is not high on my memory list ..... I really try but after second or third day my mind goes a blank to them... so if you have some infallible way of remembering to take them please let me know.
I think also I had better give up the eating of chocolate for energy my cholesterol reading has come back,  way up !!!
I must be on the mend as I have started sewing again and looking at quilting and stitching magazines....whee !! my mo jo is coming back.


sunny said...

I wish I could send you some cold, and you could send me some heat! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better and back to sewing. Will be watching to see what you finish first. Take care - - -

Jenny said...

Pleased to read that you are now on the mend, with all your various pills to take. Wonder how you came to be sick, did the Doc have any answers? I must admit that I don't even know what folic acid is, or what it does in the body.

By Hoki Quilts said...

Oh Laurie, I thought you had just got really busy redecorating after downsizing your space - I had no idea you were so sick. Folic acid - who would have thought??? I thought that was to be taken if you are planning to get pregnant:// Is there something you want to tell us all, LOL?
Keep getting better.

Bee Jay said...

Laurie that's so great to hear you're on the mend. Glad you had those blood tests done to find out what the problem was. Now at least if you can remember to take the pills, you'll be well on the road to recovery. Blessings!