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Monday, 7 February 2011

What a weekend

The Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRY-athlon  is a community event in its eighteenth year where kids aged 7-15 can swim, cycle and run for fun, plus take home a medal and certificate for having a go - because every kid is a champion!

Sanitarium Weet-Bix Kids TRY-athlon have a Philosophy:
They believe that inside every child there is a champion. It doesn't matter about their size or shape, it doesn't matter if they don't usually get involved in sporting activities. they want them to give it a go and feel like a champion. The emphasis is on being involved and giving their best.

This weekends event was in  Hamilton and  was  located at the University of Waikato's large grounds. The swim was in the 50 metre pool a short distance from where the Transition Area is set-up on the fields. The bike and run leg of the Tryathlon are around the field and surrounding streets.

My 2 eldest Grandson's took part Ben 7 ( Ginger one) his first try, and Ellis 10 ( at the back)his second event .... Harvey in the foreground recons he is doing it next year only one small draw back he has to learn to swim, but he is coming around to it we have been trying for quite sometime to encourage him but he will not do it until he is ready. Alex not in photo is still only 5 so he has a bit of a wait before he can take part.

Transition area where the bikes were stored all 2000 + of them
A shady place for the swimmers to line up.

Kids just need to bring their bike, helmet, swimmers and running shoes. No matter what level of skill, adult helpers will ensure they can be their absolute best in a safe environment
There was an amazing atmosphere with some thousands of very proud Mums, Dads and Grandparents I can tell you...
My photo's are all of the beginning as my camera battery decided to die so I am reliant on the photo's to come from my Daughter and Son's cameras which may be a few days of course.
The weather has to have been the hottest we have had this year and we have had some hot stuff with humidity around high 80% not good for sports but the kids did amazingly, lucky the sun was shaded by the clouds until after the race finished, even so I think we all got a little to much of it during the days event.

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sunny said...

What a fantastic event! And how refreshing that the goal is participation, not just competition. Champions one and all!